The Village Of Saint Gervazy



Between the Cézallier plateaus and the Val d'Allier, it is a protected site that serves as a setting for the village of Saint-Gervazy, located at the foot of a volcanic plateau called "lime". The houses border on both sides of the Volave, between 2 historical buildings.

The village is located between the plateaus of Cézallier and the Allier valley, in the bottom part of the valley of the Couze of Ardes. It stretches along the Volave’s stream, tributary of the Couze of Ardes. The name of Saint Gervazy would come from the Latin Gervasius, name of a martyr of the 2nd century (Gervais). Saint Gervazy, before called Serac, was also called Des Rochers during the Revolution. The endings of Segonzat, Unsac and Serac highlight a Gallo Roman origin. The village still have a rural architecture with small wine-growing houses and more prosperous-looking houses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, with closed courtyards and decorative porches. We can find there a lot of dovecotes, isolated or placed side by side to the house.

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