Family fishing: the quays of Allier



On the left bank, in this big eddies, the waters of the Couze Chambon (1st category) mix with the waters of the Allier. All fishing methods are possible given the configuration of the area and the fish population.

It is the same on the whole course located downstream, of easy level, with a 1st obstacle to be avoided at 1 km. You can follow the route for several kilometres if you wish or if you have time.
On the right bank, the most interesting route is located downstream of the bridge, the progression is easy over 1.5 km. The Allier, under the suspension bridge, is a privileged spot for a simple and accessible fishing: fishing from the stud to the "scraping".
Fish: fario trout, grayling, pike, carp, dowel, minnow, barbel, bleak, perch...

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