Passionate fishing: the Lion’s Head



All levels, all skills. In the heart of the gorges, the Couze Pavin takes on a torrential profile. The river traces a large curve through a path rich in numerous caches.

The presence of many boulders and a preserved riparian forest gives rise to great hope. The route is accessible by crossing the stone bridge and following the river by the pedestrian path on the left and then along the bank. Unlimited in distance, this route allows you to explore this preserved area, starting with a wooded area and extended by the presence of a large meadow.
Variable fishing time = 2 h to the meadow, at least 4 h later. A physically undemanding course in its upstream part, it is suitable for all types of fishermen.
Two tips: discreet prospecting, avoid areas with high luminosity.
Sector not well adapted to fishing in heavy water
Fish: trout fario, dowel, minnow, loach, sculpin.

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