Passionate fishing: the hell bridge



For experienced fishermen, this preserved course on the left bank of the Couze Chambon is rich in beautiful Fario trout. The very shaded area allows all techniques to be practiced throughout the day.

All techniques are possible but the abundance of gours requires a slow and methodical prospecting. Attended by eels, these deep cavities, rich in minnows and large studs, are perfectly suited to the technique known as "sculling", a variant of fishing for hand-held minnows.
After parking your vehicle in the fisherman's parking lot along the CD 229, take the small track up to the footbridge overlooking the Couze Chambon.
Fishing time: about 2 /3 hours to the limit of the private property of "la Prada" for a distance of about 800 m. Return by the departmental road.
A physically very demanding course, it is intended for experienced fishermen, in good shape and equipped with fishing pants. It's the ransom for competing with good-sized wild fish. Do not cross the banks on the right bank at La Prada.
Fish: fario trout, dowel, minnow, loach.

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