Via Allier (V70) – Part 2/5: The Véloroute along the Allier from Varennes-sur-Usson to Vic-le-Comte



Welcome to the itinerary of the Véloroute 70, which allows you to discover the department of Puy-de-Dôme along the Allier river.

The 112-kilometre route, from the typical hilltop villages in the south of the department to the Limagne plains in the north, is entirely marked out on low-traffic roads or cycle lanes.
We propose a presentation in five parts of about 20 km each for a touristic discovery. The journey continues in the department of Allier to Vichy and then Moulins where the V75 will take you to Diou (possible junction with the Eurovélo 6 and the Loire by bike).

> PART 2, from Varennes-sur-Usson to Vic-le-Comte.
This second section approaches the town of Issoire, which can be reached. We can distinguish the reliefs formed by the different volcanic flows and characterized by valleys overhung by rocky peaks often crowned by a construction made of local blond stone: a village, a castle or a chapel.

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  • Altitude max. itinerary: 653 m
  • Altitude difference: 351 m
  • Positive elevation gain: 351 m
  • Markup accuracy: White bicycle road sign on a green background.
  • Route type: One way
  • Distance: 18,3 km
  • Daily duration: 0,91666666666667 h

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