The pass and the Mount Chamaroux



The Chamaroux pass marks the boundary of the communes of Anzat le Luguet and Saint Alyre ès Montagne. This is where the Couze d'Ardes takes its source! From the top of Mount Chamaroux, you can overlook the lakes of La Godivelle, and you can see the Sancy Mountains.

It is curious to note that the departmental boundary between Puy-de-Dôme and Cantal is located a good kilometre to the west in the direction of Montgreleix: the administrations have also hesitated to draw a common dividing line! Near the summit of Chamaroux (1476m above sea level) appear here and there reddish brown spots: a legend says that this ancient volcano still gives off such heat that in some places the snow does not last in winter and the grass does not grow there! These are simply outcrops of lava slag, as the topsoil has not resisted erosion.

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