The Signal of Luguet



At the extreme south of the Puy-de-Dôme, the Luguet signal is the highest point of the Cézallier mountains (1551 metres). It offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Cantal, the Sancy massif and the Livradois mountains.

The "Signal du Luguet" is the highest peak of the mounts of Cézallier at 1551m. It corresponds to old lava lakes formed 5 million years ago. The erosion erased the reliefs that overlooked them and the rock found itself in a culminating position. Below, at the east, you can see the crater of Artout. It’s one of the most beautiful glacier valleys of the Massif Central. 20 000 years ago, the snow mopped up by the winds coming from the west accrues at the east. It formed a glacier owing to the weak exposition to sun. We still can find moraines on the slopes.

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