Source Hydroxidase

Le Breuil-sur-Couze


The Hydroxidase Marie-Christine source is a natural mineral water that is now collected and bottled unaltered for cure. The spring emerges after a journey of nearly 7000 years underground!

The source was discovered while drilling for an oil well but was not exploited. It was a pharmacist Louis Tixier from Saint-Germain Lembron who analyzed the water from the spring and became interested in it. Today this source produces for pharmacies. It is collected between 90 and 110 metres deep.
Hydroxidase is a cure water and owes its name to its oxidoreducing and particular properties, is not a running drinking water. It is a cold water, slightly carbogazy, which has a richness in elements and trace elements and a unique composition because it combines sodium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate.


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