The Waterfall Of Appat



On the course of the Zauze river, a few km from the village of Apchat, the Gour d'appat waterfall is accessible by a pretty shaded path. The particularity of this site lies in the curious way in which the water smoothed the granitic rock.

Geological origin: the world “gour” is an old world referring to deep hollows full of water, formed along rivers. The particularity of this site is the curious way that water hollowed out the granitic rock. The walls are hollowed out, smoothed, curved, and forming a kind of “raised” chapel where water springs in a waterfall. Beforehand, the river is punctuated with “witch pots”, “giant pots” (kind of holes in the rock). Origin of the name: before, people used to fish in these holes, dropping bundle of sticks into the water, with baits in the middle. Pulling them out, crayfishes were trapped, hence maybe the name “gour d’appat” because of “gour des appâts” (baits hole).

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