Volcanic Plateau – Chaux De La Rodde



This plateau, which is the result of an ancient volcanic flow, is a vast promontory offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the Livradois-Forez and Cézallier mountains.

This plateau is from an old volcanic slide and forms a vast headland offering a panorama at 360° on the Mounts of Livradois-Forez and Cézallier. This site forms part of several original plateaus of basalt, unique in France. They are located around Brioude and Issoire, where we call them locally “chaux”. As miniature Causses, they offer at the same time conditions of dryness and humidity favourable for a diversified fauna and flora. You can reach this place from the hamlet of Scoularoux, visits on your own.

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All year round.

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