Archaeological Museum of the Battle of Gergovia

La Roche-Blanche


.Located on the Gergovie plateau - a true natural belvedere over Auvergne, this new generation plunges young and old into the Gallic Wars between Vercingetorix and Julius Caesar. It combines archaeological objects and multimedia tools.

More than a visit, the Archaeological Museum of the Battle of Gergovie offers a lively and interactive journey. The space combines graphics, models, archaeological objects and multimedia with the highlight of an audiovisual room plunging the visitor into the atmosphere of the Battle of Gergovie between Romans and Gauls.
The route also allows you to discover the civilization of oppida arvernes, to discover the archaeological secrets of Gergovie and to understand the natural and geological history of the Plateau and the magnificent landscapes that surround it.

  • Themes:history, sciences and technology, famous people, archeological, natural history, geology


  • Departmental museum


Reduced price: 6 €
Adult: 8 €.

Free entry for children < 6 years.

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