The Roman spring of Bard



The Romanesque spring of Bard is welcoming thanks to its constant bubbling sound and its surprising colour blood-red. Romanesque changes with the pictures of the Emperors of the 1st and 3rd century were engulfed. There, let yourself tell its history and imagine its treasure!

In the country of red lands, the diversity of rocks favours a landscape mosaic where salt springs, volcanoes, limestone hills, fairy chimneys intersect. Come and discover the Roman spring and its original basin refurbished by the Conservatoire des Espaces et Paysages d'Auvergne. In a southern atmosphere, you can observe a wide variety of marine plants. Then join the PR, who will guide you to the Valley of the Saints and the puy d'Avoiron.

  • Entity information: Office de Tourisme Auvergne Pays d'Issoire


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