A Saturday without a car in Issoire (From Clermont-Ferrand)

A Saturday without a car in Issoire (From Clermont-Ferrand)
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Day trip in Issoire

Because it’s easy to go to Issoire by train and because there are plenty of things to do, we offer you a cultural and a gourmet program in Issoire, without ever using your car!

Trip Clermont-Ferrand/Issoire by train: You can start from the main train station of Clermont-Ferrand or from La Pardieu further south. Several trains run on Saturday. For schedules, you can visit the SNCF website. Expect 1/2 hours to get to Issoire’s train station located in the city centre.

On morning, discover the local market (1)

To start your trip, we offer you to discover the market of the city. It’s the second biggest market of Puy de Dôme department. Walk straight from the train station to the Abbey Church and then straight to Place de la République and be immersed in paths of cheeses, saucissons, vegetables and other local products. What better way than a market to take the temperature of the city? Take time to stop on a café’s terrace and enjoy the atmosphere of the city.

At lunch, choose your restaurant

From gastronomic restaurant to traditional brasserie food and fast food, the city centre has numerous restaurants for every budget and every desire.

Romanesque art to digest

When you arrived, you have already seen the Abbey church Saint-Austremoine (2). This majestic church takes part in the five major churches of Auvergne. It’s a masterpiece of Romanesque art and an inescapable site of the city. The chevet is remarkable: the volumes are staged to form a pyramid. To decorate it, the builders of the period played with the stones’ colours to form a beautiful mosaic. On the chapels, have fun finding your astrological sign! By the way, if you count well, there are 13 instead of 12… Look for the intruder! The interior of the abbey is also contemplating: its polychromy, capitals composed of abundant plants and strange creatures … Regarding the choir; it shows the ingenuity of the sculptors of the time.

Between May and October, continue your visit by going to the Romanesque art Centre Georges Duby, located next to the Abbey Church. It’s a good way to discover the fascinating era of middle Ages. This year, the exhibition is dedicated to animals during middle Ages.

Break in René Cassin Square (3)

If you want to have a rest or just sunbathe you can have a break in the charming René Cassin Square next to the Abbey Church.

Exhibitions on the afternoon

All year long, the city organises various exhibitions known for their quality. Enjoy it, because, in addition, admission is free!

  • Salle Jean Hélion (4)

Located at Nicolas Pomel Centre, the Salle Jean Hélion is a modern art centre. It shows works of known designers or local artists.

  • The Clock tower (5)

The figure of the Clock tower is well-known of the inhabitants. She was ordered during the 15th century by Austremoine Bohier and his brother Antoine, both merchants and consuls of Issoire. The actual profile of the tower dates back from its restoration in 1830. Every year from May to November, exhibitions are organised.

  • Cultural area Jean Prouvé (6)

This area takes place in the former court of Issoire which accommodates the donation of the Dominican Father Kim En Joong, Korean artist which has realised the stained-glass window of the Basilica Saint Julien in Brioude. In summer, the cultural centre offers exhibitions.

  • Art in the city

Since 2015, the city of Issoire offers during the high season an artistic route in the city centre. 4 sculptors offer 20 works scattered in emblematic places of the city: Place de la République, Halle aux grains, Place du Postillon… Ask the Tourist Office to get the route. (located next to the Abbey church).

A museum for minerals lovers (7)

The museum of the philosopher’s stone is located next to the Abbey church. It houses a collection of more than 1000 samples gathered by Gérard Astier, mineralogist. The collection is composed of various minerals from the Auvergne region, such as barite, aragonite and amethyst.
Back to Clermont-Ferrand: Join the train station to take your train back, last chapter of your gourmet and cultural trip in Issoire.

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Near abbey-church Saint-Austremoine

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